Doctorate Degree
Graduate Advisor
Maurício Cardoso Keinert
Research title
Critique and Experience: a study about the tense unity in Michel Foucault’s thought
Research abstract

We aim to map the notion of critique in Michel Foucault's thought, which performs an ambivalent task in the study of forms of experience based on the analysis of discursive or non-discursive practices: be it having a double negative role, be it a positive role. It’s about studying the ambivalent character of the task of the critique according to the configuration of the domains of analysis of practices that, articulated, make up the focus of experience of Foucault's own historical-philosophical practice. Through the hypothesis that the ambivalence of the critique points to a tense unity, we will investigate the relation that this ambivalence institutes in the domains of analysis of practices under the archaeological and genealogical methods, in which historical forms of experience emerge.