Mariana Marcelino Silva Alvares

Research title
Heidegger's Concept of Anxiety: from Existential Analytics to the History of Being
Research abstract

Is it about examining the difference in the treatment of the concept of anxiety between "Ser e Tempo" and "Que é Metafísica?" Heidegger describes the concept of anxiety in the lecture emphasizing the relationship between the awakening of anguish and the revelation of being. On the other hand, in § 40 of "Ser e Tempo", Heidegger presents anxiety as the disposition that singularizes Being-there. For Richardson, this difference foreshadows what was conventionally called a turning point in Heidegger's thinking. As Sheehan says, however, there is more than a sense of change in Heidegger. We will, therefore, demarcate which turning point are interested in here, to support whether the lecture can be read as a work of transition.

Master's degree
Graduate Advisor
Eduardo Brandão