Doctorate Degree
Research title
Medicine and politics in John Locke
Research abstract

The main object of the research is the relationship between John Locke's political thought and the procedure of empirical medicine, as studied and practiced by the philosopher since his first medical studies in Oxford, considering both his trajectory and the intellectual environment he frequented. Our initial hypothesis is that a certain methodological perspective, referenced in empirical medicine and conducive to supporting the interpretation of the Lockean political thought of maturity, must be apprehended from a moment that precedes Locke's move to London. The main objective of this research is to point out how this perspective is outlined to offer a reading key in which the lockean medical approach could to clarify the texts that express Locke's political thought, including, and as a more specific objective, on the discussion about of natural law and its management by the executive when using the prerogative, as a critical moment in which the use of this resource seems to demand from Locke a justification based on natural law that, as many interpreters maintain, could not do without a deductive approach.

Graduate Advisor
Alberto Ribeiro Gonçalves de Barros