Master's degree
Research title
The plot of the Unreal: Imagination and Freedom in Sartre
Research abstract

The aim of this research is to read "The Imaginary: Phenomenological Psychology of Imagination" in order to understand how the problem of the image presents itself in Sartre's philosophy, exploring the connections between imagination and freedom. The dissertation is based on the critical results of "The Imagination," that is, from a new theory of the image, in which the image loses its status as a copy or simulacrum of the thing present in the mind, which was linked to the classical conception, and metamorphoses into a special type of consciousness due to Husserl's intentionality. Thus, the central questions that guide our research are: a) What are the conditions for a consciousness to form images? b) What does it mean to characterize human freedom by the imaginative consciousness's ability to form images? As a research hypothesis, we argue that the centrality of "The Imaginary" does not lie in the problem of the image, but in the problem of freedom as a problem of the image described phenomenologically.

Graduate Advisor
Alex de Campos Moura