Doctorate Degree
Research title
Kant and the idea of ​​the formality of logic
Research abstract

The objective of the research is to investigate how, for Kant, from the mid-1770s, the idea that the logic of universal use is a formal discipline is constituted. This is not a trivial idea to the exact extent that it does not occur in any other author in the tradition with which Kant debates. For Wolff, Baumgarten, Meier or Reimarus, logic, derived from ontological or psychological considerations, is not only not foundational, but figures as an organ of discovery. Likewise, Kant's pre-critical work does not present the formal conception of logic. The hypothesis is that this idea depends on two points to take shape: the extensional turn of the late 1769s and the subsequent hylomorphism of the 1770s.

Graduate Advisor
Maurício Cardoso Keinert