Master's degree
Research title
Superstition´s anatomy
Research abstract

The present work aims to carry out a reading and analysis of the Appendix of Part I of the Ethics, in order to understand the place and function of the Appendix itself: i) in the economy of the work or formal dimension); ii) as well as accompanying the elements that constitute the superstition or objective dimension, namely, a malum fundamentum of the tradition that is based on the belief in finalism, in the fiction of free will, in a transcendent conception of God; that is, in a tradition that grounds the metaphysics of contingency; and consequently; iii) understand the effect of Superstition in producing entities of imagination and its relationship with the formation of notions such as Order and Confusion, Beauty and Ugliness, etc., and what this implies in the genres of knowledge. With such an investigation, the aim is to understand the Origin and Nature of Superstition, and what the Mind can do in the face of such impasses, which superstition inevitably involves us.

Graduate Advisor
Luís César Guimarães Oliva