Doctorate Degree
Research title
History and nature in Adorno
Research abstract

We address the concepts of history and nature in Adorno, at the various moments in which the concepts appear in his work. Our research is not limited, however, to a scrutiny of the concepts or their relationship in the philosopher's work, but starts from fundamentally current questions. Our time has brought more and more questions about the traditional problem of the relationship between man and nature (the current Covid-19 pandemic is an example of this); We believe that the relation we are researching pervades several current discussions and we intend to address them in chapters of the thesis. For this we seek an immanent reading of Adorno so that he can show for himself the relevance of his questions. The chapters are being developed from current discussions, but that resume the need to develop the author in his theoretical core.

Graduate Advisor
Vladimir Pinheiro Safatle