Doctorate Degree
Research title
Nothing and Transcendental. From Wolff to Kant.
Research abstract

This research investigates the origin and systematic function of the table of nothing in the architecture of the Critique of Pure Reason. The table of nothing appears as one of the most obscure passages in the Critique, the few relevant comments are divided into historical interpretations, which reinforce the relation of this text with the history of Wolff's ontology, and systematic interpretations, which seek to articulate it with the enterprise of critique of reason. These are attempts at integration that either recognize at the moment the radicality of the critical project itself or, in the opposite sense, denounce the survival in Criticism of rationalist and dogmatic elements. In this sense, the relevance of an investigation in two parts is defended: a historical and a systematic one. In the first part, we intend to approach the origin and development of the theme of nothing from Wolff to Kant, passing through lesser known authors of wolffianism. In the second part, the architectural function of concept of nothing and its moments in the Critique of Pure Reason is investigated.

Graduate Advisor
MaurĂ­cio Cardoso Keinert