Doctorate Degree
Research title
Preciado’s Spinoza: power to act as Potentia Gaudendi
Research abstract

This study aims at investigating the relationship between Spinoza’s thought and Preciado’s thought based on the use that the latter makes, throughout his work, of the philosophy of the former. The general objective ramifies in the investigation of concepts in operation in the process of concept activation undertaken by Preciado. Power to act or strength to exist, multitude, servitude and freedom are Spinoza’s concepts nominally invoked by Preciado to think of Potentia gaudendi or Orgasmic force, the multitude of abnormals, serfdom and freedom in the pharmacopornographic era. We wish to make an analytical map of these concepts in order to understand how Spinoza’s thought gains new light from a queer perspective, which is that of Preciado.

Graduate Advisor
Tessa Moura Lacerda