Doctorate Degree
Research title
The issue of equality between men and women in Marie de Gournay
Research abstract

This research investigates the work of Marie Le Jars de Gournay regarding the problem of equality between men and women. In the 17th century, the idea of equality between the sexes, or even of the superiority of women, takes on new shapes. The hypothesis to be examined in this research is divided into two parts: i. Gournay articulates a change in the approach on the issue of women, proposing that the idea of male tutelage in “benefit of the end” gives way to the idea of “equality as a regulatory principle”; ii. Gournay's thought produces a mark in the passage between Renaissance philosophy and Modern philosophy. It is about recognizing Marie de Gournay's place as a philosopher of the birth of modernity, contributing to contemporary feminist debates in the light of the history of philosophy.

Graduate Advisor
Maria das Graças de Souza