Master's degree
Research title
The woman does not exist: from the erasing of the name of women from the field of the history of ideas to subversion through the analyst's desire
Research abstract

This work came about due to the erasure of my master's research on Desire in Saint Augustine, which made me raise a question about the desire of women and the erasure of their names. Not fitting into a so-called "traditional" way of doing research within the History of Medieval Philosophy, nor having "the rigor necessary to be a historian of medieval philosophy", I decided to pursue the origins of the erasure of my name. As I was pregnant, experiencing the puerperium and mothering during this entire research journey, I carry in my body the marks of everything that was transmitted to me about a certain position. The bet is that the possible transformation would be through the analyst's desire, who supposes a subject where there is usually an object, subjected as such.

Graduate Advisor
Tessa Moura Lacerda