Doctorate Degree
Research title
The outrageousness of the image: for a concept of community through cinema
Research abstract

This research seeks a new approach to the concept of community, thinking of it as an unconditional concept, even if, paradoxically, it is visible in certain aesthetic expressions. We focus on the possibility of thinking of it as an incorporeal potency, hypothetically first in relation to its psychosocial forms of functioning, even if its effects are inseparable from it. To this end, the present research registers the polemic that began in the 1980s between Jean-Luc Nancy and Maurice Blanchot, which had as its background the problem of the deactivation of sovereign violence as a means of community formation. The rescue of this polemic became necessary, in view of its unprecedented deconstruction by contemporary cinema, notably through the films of Béla Tarr and Pedro Costa. The research thus privileges a re-appropriation of the stoical concept of the incorporeal, updated by contemporary French philosophy and its interpreters, with a view to a concept capable of producing new senses of community in thought. A task that we carry out by dialoguing, at the same time, cinema and philosophy, not only with Nancy and Blanchot, but also with the works of Deleuze and Derrida.

Graduate Advisor
Celso Fernando Favaretto