Doctorate Degree
Research title
Towards a dialectic of disjudment: philosophical craft in Georges Canguilhem
Research abstract

This research aims to investigate Canguilhem’s thought in order to broaden the understanding of the philosophical ambition of his work. This means the refusal to take here as a starting point, whether the understanding of the work of his disciples, or the importance of his work for historical epistemology. On the contrary, it is an attempt to show how his work as a teacher and historian of the sciences seeks to give an account of the requirements that his time makes on the philosopher’s craft and which, with the institution of his method, he intends to cope. In this way, we will seek to make explicit the originality and fecundity of a rationalist philosophy that goes towards the fundamental agreement that exists between life and knowledge, by placing reason faced with its history.

Graduate Advisor
Márcio Suzuki