Master's degree
Research title
Same yet another – repetition in “Oki's Movie”, by Hong Sang-Soo, read in light of the freudian theory.
Research abstract

This dissertation aims to analyze, taking Oki's Movie (2010) as its main object, the expressive effects of repetition – understood here as an aesthetic resource and as a structuring phenomenon – throughout the first two decades of the filmography of South Korean filmmaker Hong Sang-Soo. In order to do so, by drawing on concepts developed by Sigmund Freud – such as deferred action (Nachträglichkeit), symptom (Symptom) and the uncanny (Unheimliche) –, it will set forward the hypothesis that repetition in Hong Sang-Soo's work opens the way to a fruitful critical reading of its socio-historical context, highlighting the inconsistencies inherent in the temporality of commodity consumption through the paradox of several chronological anticipations and mnemic re-inscriptions of past, present and future tenses.

Graduate Advisor
Ricardo Nascimento Fabbrini