Master's degree
Graduate Advisor
Sérgio Cardoso
Research title
The Monarchia treatise and Dante's political philosophy
Research abstract

Aiming to understand an important chapter in the history of political philosophy, located after the reappropriation of the categories of Aristotelian thought and their synthesis with theology in the thirteenth century and the renovation of studies of Roman law in Bologna since the twelfth century, as well as in the passage of late-medieval to the beginning of Renaissance and modern political thought, our investigation turns to the treatise Monarchia by Dante Alighieri, written in Latin between 1311 and 1313. In it, the philosopher Dante defended the submission of the human race as a whole to an universal Monarchy, responsible for leading men to earthly happiness based on the teachings of philosophers, while the Church would have the role of guiding men to heavenly happiness. Two powers[...]

Date of defense
Examining board
Sérgio Cardoso (FFLCH - USP), Newton Bignotto de Souza (UFMG), Maria Cecilia Casini (FFLCH - USP), José Carlos Estevão (FFLCH - USP)