Caetano Ernesto Plastino

Assistant Professor
Theory of Knowledge and Philosophy of Science

Academic Background

  • 1995 Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of São Paulo
  • 1995 PhD in Philosophy, University of São Paulo
    Supervisor: Prof. Luiz Henrique Lopes dos Santos
    Title: Realism and Anti-Realism about Science: Philosophical Considerations on the Cognitive Value of Science
  • 1982 Master’s Degree in Philosophy at the State University of Campinas
    Supervisor: Prof. Zeljko Loparic
    Title: Induction and Credibility: A Probabilistic-Personalist Study on Learning from Experience
  • 1986/1987 Specialization in Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • 1979 Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy at the University of São Paulo
  • 1977 Bachelor’s Degree in Physics at the University of São Paulo

Research Area

Epistemology and Philosophy of the Natural Sciences in the Analytical Tradition

Current Research

─Analysis of realist and antirealist conceptions of science,
─Application of game theory to epistemological questions,
─Examination of the social dimension of scientific rationality.


Caetano Ernesto Plastino

Current Supervision


Master's degree
Explanations, Games and Equilibria