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Marcus Sacrini Ayres Ferraz

Associate Professor
History of Contemporary Philosophy

Academic record

  • 2016 Associate Professor in Philosophy at the University of São Paulo, Brazil
    Title: Scientificness Husserl’s Phenomenology
  • 2010 Post-doctoral degree at the University of São Paulo
  • 2008 PhD in Philosophy at the University of São Paulo
    Supervisor: Prof. Carlos Alberto Ribeiro de Moura
    Title: Phenomenology and Ontology in Merleau-Ponty
  • 2003 Master’s Degree in Philosophy at the University of São Paulo
    Supervisor: Prof. Carlos Alberto Ribeiro de Moura
    Title: The Investigation of Existence as a Transcendental Philosophy: Considerations on Merleau-Ponty’s Prose
    1999 Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy at the University of São Paulo

Current Research 

Intersubjectivity, Society and Culture in the work of Husserl
This research focuses on the theme of intersubjectivity and its conceptual developments (circumscribed by the notions of sociality and culture) as elaborated by Edmund Husserl, particularly in the final period of the development of his transcendental phenomenology. With the maturation of his reflections on intersubjectivity, Husserl was led to modify some of the theoretical frameworks of his constitutive analysis of Cartesian inspiration, since at least at a certain level of transcendental experience the intersubjective relations will not be a constituted thematic pole, but a domain of the meaning of experience. We aim to reconstruct the tensions inherent in this reflexive movement and to expose the final scope of the theme of intersubjectivity in the formulation of the phenomenological project of transcendental clarification of worldly experience. We will also highlight the development of an ontology of the “common spirit”, through which Husserl seeks to make explicit the a priori constituents of social relations and culture in general.

Marcus Sacrini Ayres Ferraz

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