Maurício Cardoso Keinert

Assistant Professor
History of Modern Philosophy II

Academic Background

  • Member of the Thematic Project of FAPESP: Moral, politics and law: autonomy and critical theory.
  • Member of the German Philosophy Group and of the editorial board of German Philosophy Journal, both from USP.
  • Is one of the editors of the Editorial Seal “Esfera Pública”. Is founding partner of the “Gérard Lebrun” Regional Section of the Brazilian Kant Society.
  • 2007 PhD in Philosophy at the University of São Paulo
    Supervisor: Prof. Ricardo Ribeiro Terra
    Title: Criticism and Autonomy in Kant: the Legislative Form between Determination and Reflection
  • 2002 Master’s Degree in Philosophy at the University of São Paulo
    Supervisor: Prof. Ricardo Ribeiro Terra
    Title: From Idea to Judgment: the Problem of the Purpose in the Relation Between Reason and Nature in Kant
  • 1998 Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy at the University of São Paulo


Current Research

Morality, politics and law: autonomy and critical theory [Thematic Project FAPESP/CEBRAP]
This project aims to be not only an investigation on the tradition of Critical Theory and its problems, but also an investigation from the developments of this intellectual strand. The guiding thread chosen is the concept of autonomy, a notion whose critical examination allows us not only to articulate the different domains of Morality, Politics and Law at the present time, but also to operate with different critical proposals in applied investigations. The project in a general characterization consists of the following moments: (1) position of the concept of autonomy in the philosophical tradition and in social theory; (2) position of the notion of autonomy in different conceptions of social theory and in different models of Critical Theory of the present; (3) investigations applied in the fields of Law, Politics and Morals, based on a critical scrutiny of the notion of autonomy.


Maurício Cardoso Keinert

Orientações em andamento
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LUIZ GONZAGA CAMARGO NASCIMENTO Kant's architectonics and approach in the Doctrine of Right Doctorate Degree
CASSY JONES FELIPE CARDOSO DA SILVA Nothing and Transcendental. From Wolff to Kant. Doctorate Degree
EDILENE ALVES BEZERRA The ambivalence of criticism in Foucault: a study on the trajectory of forms of thought experience. Doctorate Degree
ROBSON CARVALHO DOS SANTOS The genesis and the structure of transcendental aesthetics Master's degree
GUILHERME DE OLIVEIRA FREITAS The mathematical exposition of the supreme principle of pure practical reason in Kant's Critique of Practical Reason Master's degree
ELIAKIM FERREIRA OLIVEIRA The problem of schematization in Kant's philosophy: from the theoretical character to the aesthetic character of the imagination Master's degree